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The History of the lock Locksmith West Hollywood (323) 306-5221

It would appear that property rights and locks go hand in hand. Somebody who owns something feels that they have the right to keep that to themselves. The first lock ever recorded was about four millennia ago. Naturally everyone needs the security, the idea was patented and went into production for the public. Locks were in place from then on. The Lock provided a unique and new way of keeping people out that hadn’t been in existence before, it adapted quickly. Locks back in these days were not the same as they are today. They were made out of wood, then eventually evolved to metals and became what they are today.

Given the times, the devices were foreign and a new technology, they became extremely useful and widely adopted – and fulfilled their purpose the majority of the time. Along with the advent of locks came with the advent of lock pickers. These were certain individuals with the skills to breach the locks without their proper secondary devices, to reach what the lock was intended to protect. Lock pickers soon became the bane of society, as they were able to defeat the purpose of locking things up and keeping them safe. This is still the case today, but on a more sophisticated level.



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