How To Secure Sliding Glass Doors

How To Secure Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are a great way to add light to a home. To thieves and intruders, they’re known as an easy point of entry. This is because the locks are generally weaker and can be forced open with a little effort. If the door is single pane glass, it can be broken easily. Some can even be lifted off the tracks. There are a few simple ways to secure the doors, increasing security and peace of mind.

Most sliding glass doors are made with weak or brittle latches, which can be broken when forced. One option is to have a new lock installed in the bottom track to prevent forced entry. You may have an additional hole drilled into the moving door to keep it locked in an open position, allowing for fresh air while staying secure.

If you’re not interested in changing your locks, security bars are another option. They fit into the exposed door track and prevent it from being opened. Depending on the material and quality of the bars, they may be able to withstand great amounts of force. Security bars are available with or without a locking device.

The glass used in your doors may also be a point of weakness. Double pane or wire-embedded glass is stronger than the more common single pane doors. If your biggest concern is the glass, your best bet would be to purchase new doors that already have stronger glass. This may actually be a cheaper option than replacing the glass alone.

Intruders sometimes lift sliding doors off their tracks. To prevent this, you should maintain your doors by cleaning rollers and tightening screws. Self-tapping screws should be installed in the top track. These screws will allow movement but prevent the doors from being removed.





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