Simple intercom

Simple intercom

Intercom systems are designed for convenience of the customer, they are designed to relay instant vocal messaging at the press of

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Simple intercom Locksmith West Hollywood (323) 306-5221

a button, very ideal for a business, if you need to relay messages to co-workers or employees or even your own family members throughout the house an intercom is an unbeatable convenience.

Why use an intercom as opposed to a cellphone? Well, a cellphone is specific towards one person. An intercom targets a designated area, and in doing so send your message through a speaker. If you are running a business, need to relay it to a group of people quickly, press the button on your intercom and begin speaking. Intercoms are great for relaying messages to business associates, to have at the entrance of your home, even to call the kids down from upstairs while you’re busy. Intercoms are cheap, common, and extremely easy to install – save time and effort for the user.




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