Security Systems

Security Systems

Locksmith West Hollywood goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to providing quality security cameras and other related services within the services areas. We particularly offer highly advanced and cutting-edge security cameras that ensure your safety and protection from all sorts of criminal elements. You certainly wouldn’t want to be left behind when it comes to protecting the well-being of your office building or mansion, so getting the most value-added and premium-grade security camera installation is a must for you. When it comes to security, we don’t compromise on anything.

Our expert teams of certified technicians are always ready to assist you in mounting, maintaining, and fixing your security camera installation. We are offering advanced security cameras with repair, replacement, and installation services by our well-qualified technicians and experts. We also have a wide assortment of the best CCTVs you can find, which includes PTZ cameras, vandal-proof cameras, wireless cameras, weatherproof cameras, spy cameras, night-vision cameras, day-and-night cameras, and a DVR. Call our experts today for security cameras repair, replacement, and installation services. We are always ready to help you and provide what you need.

Moreover, our locksmith technicians and experts are well-qualified and specially trained to handle all sorts of surveillance system problems. Our extensive range of security cameras also includes new models that have all sorts of enhanced features and sleek designs. Each and every one of our products is available at reasonable prices (which include installation services).

Security Systems

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Access Control Systems

In addition to our extensive CCTV cameras, we offer high-end access control systems. These entry control systems are designed to give you full control of who is in the proximity of your home/business entry points. We offer proximity readers, magnetic stripe card readers, PIR request to exit (REX) access control systems, fingerprint readers, and keypads

Other types of security systems are swipe cards readers, biometric and fingerprint readers, and proximity readers. With these, any break-in attempt would be immediately traced and would initiate proper warnings.

Intercom Systems

We also provide intercom and video intercom systems for residential and commercial customers. Visitors may be monitored and admitted after they are identified by audio or/and video feedback. Our intercom products include: amplifiers, audio intercom external units, audio intercom internal handset, audio intercom internal units, as well as audio/video intercom external units, handsets, and monitor units

Card access systems can all be integrated into your entire security solution, and software is provided for programming and monitoring all entrances, the permissions for each of them, and statistics on who is passing through each device and when. Locksmith West Hollywood handles all aspects of these high-end security systems. The security systems products are in stock, ready to be installed by licensed technicians.


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