Master Keying

Did you know that you might need only one key for all the locks in your house or business? Locks of the same manufacture can usually be keyed alike. This means replacing your bunch of keys with a single key.

Master keying enables two different and distinct keys to open one lock. Master keying regulates access to specific zones while having one master key that accesses all zones. Master keys can be supplied for all buildings such as hospitals, office buildings and residences in which there are a number of compatible locks.
Now its possible to re-key your home, gate, garden shed etcetera so that one key opens them all.

  1. Lock cylinder removal and assembly
    This section deals with cylinder removal and assembling a wide variety of common locksets
  2. Using shim stock
    This section deals with using shim stock during the process of removing a cylinder. Other methods of removing a plug can be dealt with, even when no key is available
  3. Using a LAB multi pin kit.
    This section deals with using a LAB multi pin kit with its 20 pinning charts.