When to Consider A Commercial Lock Change

commercial lock changeWhen to Consider A Commercial Lock Change

Business owners want to always remain vigilant to the dangers that might hit their businesses. Whereas most of them will do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of their business premises, some will fail to take care of some important basics.

In this article, we talk about whether you should get a commercial lock change for your business premises.

Another way to put it is: under what circumstances do business managers require a lock change? This question bothers many people. Therefore, it is important that we address this issue of concern at the root.

Consider A Commercial Lock Change in These Situations

By knowing these important considerations for a lock change, you can always keep your business safe and secure. Keep reading to find out the situations when a business should consider a lock change.

  1. You Have Lost Your Office Keys

Although it might seem obvious, some people do not take losing their keys seriously enough. Instead, they will get their key duplicated and ignore the lock altogether once they have access to their door again. This is not only careless but dangerous, especially in a busy office complex.

A lock change is necessary if you lose the keys to your office and you know that you have some important possessions in that office. They can be your business records, computers or even personal belongings. This gives you peace of mind knowing that nothing can lead to a mishap as you have controlled the situation.

  1. You Just Moved to a New Office

After you have signed a new contract and moved to your new office, consider changing the locks immediately. You want to guarantee that it is only you who has access to that office at any time. In that regard, you can get a lock change request and submit it to the property manager or whatever protocols are required.

Remember that, in the case of a rental office, the property owner or management requires to be notified of these changes. Therefore, depending on the conditions, consider a lock change when you move to a new office.

  1. Your Staff has Resigned

When a member of your staff resigns, it is not necessarily suspicious when you order a lock change. Because yes, you are indeed securing your property, but you are also doing it to make sure you do not suspect them in case anything bad happens. Do not ignore the possibility that a disgruntled ex-employee might come back if they have access to the office. Therefore, make sure you’ve changed the locks on the cabinets as well as the drawers.

  1. A Stranger Has Access To your Keys

In some instances, people we do not trust might come across our keys. When that happens, you definitely want to be sure that your office is safe. And the best way to do that is to get a lock change from a reliable locksmith in your area.

As you can see, there are many different scenarios when a lock change should certainly cross your mind. It will guarantee that your office stays secure and safe regardless of the hardship. Do you require an urgent lock change? Contact West Hollywood Locksmith for the best prices for a commercial lock change in your area.

Why You Should Consider Purchasing High Security Locks

high security locks for homesWhy you should consider purchasing High-Security Locks for homes

You may be going on a trip with your family for the holidays, as will most of your neighbors. What you don’t know, is that every burglar in town is going to be browsing neighborhoods that look particularly vulnerable. If they happen to pick your house, it’s going to be difficult to return to your normal, everyday activities. Therefore, you have every reason to secure your house for the holidays with high security locks for peace of mind.

Better to Be Safe than Sorry

Just because your house has never been broken into before, doesn’t mean it won’t possibly happen in the future. That’s why having High-Security Locks will ensure that your house stays secure while you and your family are away. And most of them are not as expensive as you think! However, the general rule of thumb is that the more secure the lock is, the higher the price will be.

Invest in Lasting Security

But think about it- it only takes one break-in to completely turn your life upside down. So wouldn’t you rather be safe and prevent this event from ever occurring in the first place rather than risk it for a few measly dollars? It’s up to you to decide if you want to trade your security for convenience, but if you’re reading this article right now, I’m going to assume you care about your security and want what’s best for you and your family.

Therefore, the sooner you take action on securing your home, the better you will feel. High Security Locks for homes vary in access and security, so you’ll want to find one that best fits your security requirements.

Consider these characteristics when purchasing high security locks for homes:

Key Control- the ability to harness the creation, distribution, and cutting of the keys for a given lock. This can significantly increase the security of the keying system for a given lock.

Manipulation Resistance- Most high security locks have components that are built to resist manipulation from lockpicking and decoding attacks. Examples include security pins that resist manipulation in tumbler locks.

Restrictive Keyways- Some key manufacturers use complicated keyways to aggravate attacks by making it much harder to insert and move tools around within the lock.

Forced Entry Resistance– All high security locks are made out of strong materials and designs that make them durable against destructive entry techniques. Think Ball bearings, steel rods, and hardened materials.

Ultimately, High Security Locks are what will keep you happy when you come home from your relatives during the holidays. If you still need some advice on what locks to buy, you can call West Hollywood Locksmith and get an accurate assessment of your house security and the best high security locks for homes that will keep it secure day and night.