About Us

We are the quickest locksmiths in West Hollywood. Our average response time is 20 minutes for calls within West Hollywood and 30 minutes outside the area. Our locksmiths arrive tooled up and do the most efficient work that can be done at your premises.

Contact us for residential, commercial, automotive and emergency services. Locksmith West Hollywood is probably the only locksmith you will need in the city. This is due to the highly qualified technicians we employ and their famous attention to detail and satisfaction of clients like you. We replace and install cylinders, alarms, bolts and other associated hardware of the trade for businesses, homes and vehicles. We are expert in making keys for a majority of vehicle companies and models.

We regard the customer as a central figure in our lives and thus we are always at your call. You do not have to visit any of our establishments, just call us and we will come to your home or office any time of the day or night.

We offer a wide range of services like emergency locksmith duties 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. High security locks are installed by us. Locksmith West Hollywood also offer automobile locksmith services, including ignition switch and door opening, opening the glove boxes and re-keying. We provide the best customer service possible under the circumstances.

Tips for safe living
At Locksmith West Hollywood, we want to keep you and your family secure.
New home owner: If you are an owner of a new home, it is advisable to completely replace the existing locks to your main doors, windows, shed or garage. There could be someone who has a spare-key to your home. Do buy quality locks which subscribe to the highest national standards.
Specialists in non destructive entry: Non Destructive Entry or NDE utilizes techniques which open locks without damaging them. Techniques like picking locks are examples of such methods. Many people break into others’ home by using just a drill. Locksmith West Hollywood can help you in this regard. Do contact us for a more detailed discussion.

A Few Do’s and Don’ts
Do not forget to use the Deadlock when you venture out
Do not poke the key if it has snapped of the key chain and stuck inside the lock
Do inform the locksmith if you use a custom or exotic lock
Do make an inventory of the locks that are already fitted
Do ensure that your keys are professionally cut
Do install locks on all doors and windows of the house and access to any outside opening if any

Transparent pricing
We do not start the work until the locksmith assigned to you explains the necessary work to be done and the expense that you have to bear. We hold the belief that a knowledgeable customer always makes better choices and be happy with the work we have done. To find out how we can help you with your locksmith requirements, do give us a call on (323) 306-5221.



Types of services offered
We provide an extensive range of key cutting services. We also solve the problem of keys being stuck in doors.

Keys that are cut according to a code
Damaged or broken keys
Key duplication if you require another set

What you can do if you have lost your set of house keys
If you have lost the keys to your front and back doors, please do the following:
Phone us at (323) 306-5221
Our expert technician will either change the locks or do whatever you tell them to do

When we duplicate your key, we take the correct blank and make a key from it. Although the initial part is done by machine, we will ensure that the key you receive will have no sharp ages.



Locksmith West Hollywood  (323) 306-5221